Female Vocalist

Zariah: An Indie Female Vocalist Who Loves to Write songs and Release New Singles

As a female vocalist I have always loved the way music can move people emotionally and I love the fact that I can do this as an indie female vocalist. I should also mention that as an independent unsigned artist I have had the freedom to produce indie music and as a female singer, my songs have the ability to move people emotionally, no bars hold. Whether it be reflective, happy or sad...bringing words to life through new music, indie artist songs that has the ability to touch people... I love that!


So it begs the question: Who am I? My name is Zariah, and I’m a female vocalist (singer/songwriter) of indie music from the “Land Down Under.” And yes, I’m also a well-traveled indie female vocalist where my experiences have made me quite a humble person. Since I was young, I’ve grown up across several countries including in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.There is no one specific event that inspired my passion for music but I find that the majority of my music is driven by the experiences/stories that I’ve seen/heard myself and others have, while on my travels.

At the age of 12, I was exploring the possibility of pursuing my career as a female vocalist and better yet, an indie female vocalist. Whether by chance or fate, I was approached by two talent scouts in the United Arab Emirates and invited to attend an international talent convention to beheld in the United States. Whilst in the United States I was approached by a number of A&R teams that have worked with many new female artists who are household names today. Whilst collaborating with these A&R teams I started putting my voice to my songs and in 2019, I ventured to New York for recording with A&R industry professionals. My first single, “scars” was released in November 2019, my second, “only one” was released in January 2020, my third single ’beautifully ugly’ was released in March 2020. I have many more original indie music works to be released, however specific dates are yet to be set.


So you can accompany me on my journey as an indie female vocalist/female indie artist, my website contains my official videos, my featured articles as a female singer, and my original singer songwriter indie music. I do hope you enjoy the new music I am producing as an indie artist/female vocalist. My website is easy to use and if you would like to listen to my indie musical you need to do is click the links. So that you can get the latest news and updates regarding my new music, it is my hope that you will like, follow and subscribe to my social media platforms. I would love to have you as a subscriber and follower.


Not only as an indie female vocalist but as myself, I am totally happy to connect with fans on any social platform. I find it both enjoyable and very important to reach out and reply to my new music indie artist fans as a way of letting you know that I appreciate your support. I would love any comments or questions that you may have about myself as an indie female vocalist, about my indie music and about my creative journey as an independent unsigned artist. Since the debut of my first single ‘Scars’,  I have joined so many communities where I can just ‘chat’ to other indie music artists and indie music fans as a way of interaction and pay back the support I have been getting. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, I am easily contactable...just click the link which best suits you to contact me