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Do You Love Female Indie Artist Tracks? I’m a Female Singer with a number of New Singles

If you love finding new artists to listen to, then I am proud to say that you’ll love the music I’mputting out. I work hard to produce music as a solo female Indie Artist.


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My name is zariah, and I’m a Female Indie Artist,or better yet an independent female singer andsongwriter. I’m originally from Australia. Besides Australia I have lived in Southeast Asia(Malaysia and Singapore) and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates). I’ve always had a placein my heart for singing and songwriting and began writing when I was only 10. It’s always beensomething that’s special to me. Something that I can keep as mine to treasure. There is no onespecific event that inspired my passion for music. Rather, I have always loved the way musiccan move people emotionally. Whether it be reflective, happy or sad. Bringing words to lifethrough music has the ability to touch people, and I love that!! I enjoy both writing and readingpoetry and love the idea of turning the creativity from my writing into songs, into music.


At the age of 12, I was exploring the possibility of pursuing my career as a Female Indie Artist and whether by chance or fate, I was approached by two talent scouts in the United ArabEmirates and invited to attend an international talent convention to be held in the United States.Whilst in the United States I was approached by a number of A&R teams that have worked with many female singer artists who are household names today. Whilst collaborating with theseA&R teams I started putting my voice to my songs and in 2019 I ventured to New York for recording with A&R industry professionals. My first single, “scars” was released in November 2019, my second, “only one” was released in January 2020, my third single ’beautifully ugly’was released in March 2020. I have many more original indie works to be released however specific dates are yet to be set.


So you can accompany me on my journey as a female indie artist/singer songwriter, my website contains my official videos, my featured articles and my original singer songwriter music. I do hope you enjoy the work I am producing as a Female Singer. My website is easy to use and if you would like to listen to my music all you need to do is click the links. I would love to have you as a follower. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, I am contactable through many platforms